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Forget Me Nots Millefiori




  • Handmade
  • Materials: Glass
  • 4mm to 6mm


These are very pretty little baby blue forget me not flowers that can be used by glass artists in a multitude of fusing projects.

The murrini vary in size from 3mm to 8mm (please note that the majority will be between 4mm and 6mm in diameter) and are available in either 6cm canes which allows you to cut the perfect sized slices for your project or pre-cut slices that vary between 2mm and 6mm in depth.

Please select the amount required at checkout – 25g or 50g options are available.

The murrini is handmade in the UK by JBT Glass using 100% bullseye glass.

***Our murrini is made using a vitrigraph kiln from which the canes are pulled whilst the glass is in a molten state. During a pull the flower design and size will vary this means that you will receive a beautiful variety of little flowers.***

We endeavour to achieve as close a colour match as possible with our photos but there may be some changes in tones dependant upon the screen setting of the device you are viewing the photos on. Please also remember that all our murrini is handmade and although we use the same colours of glass in each pull there may be some variation in tones.

The art work is not included. These are examples to be used for inspiration only, our aim is to show how these beautiful murrini have been used and not for these pieces to be reproduced for sale.

Weight 250 g

25g Sliced, 25g Cane, 50g Sliced, 50g Cane

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